SPEED Lacrosse

What is SPEED Lacrosse?

SPEED Lacrosse is a sport sharing many characteristics with Field Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse and Basketball.  It is played 3v3 on a 40 x 20 yard court on turf, grass or sand.  There is no equipment needed other than a standard lacrosse stick and mouthguard.  The emphasis is on finesse over physicality.  It is a great sport for ALL ages and frequently most fun when played coed.

Benefits of SPEED Lacrosse?

  • Roster size of 6 players so everyone plays

  • 3 on 3 format to develop hand/eye, passing and agility skills

  • SPEED Lacrosse is simple to try

  • Emphasis on teamwork, ball movement with and without the ball and field spacing

  • Improve skills with footwork, passing, catching, cutting and playing together as a team

  • Anyone can play lacrosse – forever

  • Lacrosse can be played anytime, anywhere – in places you’ve never imagined

  • Exercising the fundamentals of lacrosse is the key to improvement

  • Being in a match means rapid touches, decisions & development

  • The SPEED Lacrosse experience  will be fast, FUN & consistent

  • We respect each other in competition, on and off of the field

  • Athletes of all skill levels have a future in the lacrosse community

  • Learning lacrosse can be fun and competitive without excessive contact

  • Lacrosse will be an Olympic sport!

Learn about SPEED Lacrosse from it's founder, Casey Powell

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